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We create an innovative solution in the global container supply chain that allows cargo owners, carriers, and freight forwarders to enhance their operations. Our software enables them to reduce the cost of not only money, but also time in container transportation. In addition, our clients will be able to focus on their core business, significantly increasing its efficiency. This in turn will enable them to become more competitive in the markets and add value to their businesses

Our team

The core of our team consists of professionals with over fifty years of combined experience in the field of freight and supply chain management, software development, and innovation creation and implementation. We put inspiration and energy into creating a product that changes the world and people

Eduard Barabash

Eduard Barabash


Eduard has more than 25 years in IT multi-background as a product/project manager, CIO, business analyst, cybersecurity expert in international companies. Additionally, he has strong expertise in finance, risk management, performance management. Three years ago, before launching Teleporto, he had started as an entrepreneur with startups in fintech and healthcare tech industries

Dmitry Kaistro

Dmitry Kaistro


Dmitry has over 15 years of experience working in logistics in production industries. His expertise lies in the following areas: freight forwarding, transportation, inventory, warehousing, customs clearing, budgeting and planning, outsourcing, green-field projects and project management. Moreover, he studied design thinking, UX/UI and product design, which he applies to Teleporto startup

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